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i get seizures after masturbation, no signs of Epilepsy, i got total 4 seizures 2 in 2002 & other 2 in 2010-2011.

My name is Ishan i am 21 year old & i started masturbation at a very young age about 9-10 then after few years one day i was masturbation with my right hand & when i reached the point of orgasm my hand freezed and it turned into a seizures one like we get in epilepsy, then i stoped for 3-4 months & again started masturbating with my left hand it cont.. for around 8 years then again i started getting that numbness in my left hand & then i got two seizures one on 10th dec 2010 & the next one on 15th jan 2011.Now sometimes i do it with my legs, rubbing my dick on pillow. But the problem is both my hands are very weak i can’t even pick up a glass & they are giving the same sign of numbness that i get in seizures. I’ve also consulted a Doc he asked me to get tested for Epilepsy CT scan, MRI & EEG and they all were clear, with no signs of Epilepsy at all. Now i need to know why i am getting this numbness & weakness coz its jeopardising my day to day life, i can’t concentrate i always have this feeling that i am about to get an attak. (i am also Asthmatic but its in control) your help will be highly appreciated. 

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Epileptic Seizures are due to deformity in the brain and they are not related to masturbation. Generally there is no exact way to prevent epilepsy and exact cause is not yet known. This can be just controlled with proper diet and medications.

But as you said that your all Epilepsy tests are normal and your current complaint is just numbness in hands we recommend to take Ashwagandha capsules

Take one capsule twice a day after meal with Milk. This will help in strengthening the nervous system and over all body.

We recommend to take the product along with the current prescription for period of three months to get desired results.

Thank you Support

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