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I have been mastubatind since i was very young my Penis muscles are weak and my penis curve down, and bent to left whenever i got erected

Hello Sir,

I have issue with my erection, my erection is very soft. I did masturbating a lot since I was very young probably 14 now I am 26. My penis muscles are very weak and I cant pull my penis up because of weak muscles. Alot of veins i can see on my penis. My penis is curve downward and little bit bent to left side whenever I got erection. I am very worrying about my marriage too. What should I do now. I need your consulting. Does herbal medicine has any side effects. Any diet recomended while taking medicine or i can eat regular dose as usual. I eat spicy foos all the time.

In: Penis Health, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello, Greetings from

Excessive masturbation leads to many sexual problems. Over masturbation causes weak erected penis, combined with general body weakness,premature ejaculation,curvature of penis in some cases,hair loss,blurred vision etc. Avoid masturbation firstly to help regaining healthy physique.

Start with local application of the gel on penis Massage with the gel on penis gently twice in a day. This will help in increasing the penis  improves the erection. Also use Kohinoor Gold regularly for desired results. Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. Above combination will help in increasing the both stamina and strength of penis.Use this combination regularly for 3 months to get best results.

These are the Herbal medicines which are safe and efficient. Avoid excessive fried spicy food. take fresh fruits, fibrous vegetables in your diet.


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Should i use capsule after lunch and diet. What is the best time to use gel.

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I mean after lunch and dinner.

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Hello, Greetings from

Take one capsule at morning after meals and one capsule after dinner. Application : The gel needs to be applied very gently over the penis, with swift massaging strokes which go from the shaft of the penis to the tip. The massage must be continued till the gel seems to have been absorbed into the skin.

For better results, the application of the gel must be done twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Butea superba gel can also be used in foreplay wherein a couple would apply it on each other making the event more excited and gleeful.


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