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I have been suffering of piles problem for last five years and have decided to go for operation because of bleeding everyday, about three to four piles come out so i couldnt sit proper but i just want advise that is it my fair decesion to go for operation or not? if not then could you please advise me how to solve this?

I have one baby boy, about four years old, recently going in reception in school. Whenever i try to teach him about his school lesson he doesn’t remember, for what reason i dont know why but is there any way to improve his memory or could you please suggest me about how can i improve his memory or what ayurvedic medicine i can give him.


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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Your son is just 4 years old. His brain is in developing phase. We recommend to try any brain tonic syrup available in market made of brahmi or shankpushpi.

Other thing is too young for taking any capsules. Also make him drink milk twice day along with 5 almonds every alternate day. Also make him play various puzzle games that would help him in overall brain development.

Keep him relax and do not make him feel stress. Sometimes brain takes his time to adjust with environment. Make him learn poems or lessons in parts as this will lessen his burden and will improve slowly.

Thank you Support

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