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I have herpes and my husband does not.

Years ago my husband went to Las Vegas. Upon coming home withing a few weeks/month I got herpes. My breakouts went on for awhile not knowing what it was. I was getting brazilian waxes during this time and thought it was ingrown hairs. The first thing I did was questions my husband. I went to the Dr. and was positive for herpes, he went and it was negative. I have recently found out that he has been receiving naked photo\’s of a woman from his office and now I am questioning if he has infact been truthfull and faithful to me over the years. When he was in Vegas could he of had oral/sex with someone and not of gotten the virus but passed in onto me? Not to long after that I got a yeast infection which I never get. Should get tested for other STDS disease? They never tested me for an other STDS. He was on antibiotics for a sinus infection, so I thought the yeast infection was from him taking antibiotics. I am 48 and am having many problems with bleeding durring ovulation and read that you can have mid cycle bleeding if you have STDS. Maybe this is what I have had all these years?

In: Sexual Health, Posted 7 years ago

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