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I have lumps in my two breasts.Right one has two lumps and left one has one lump.Iam looking for ayurced medicine rather than surgery.please help me

My age is 27 years and iam unmarried.5 years back i had self examination of my two breasts where in found a lump in my right breast and i told my mom and said that may be blood clot.i took it light and lately on February 2011 i had an ultra sound scanning.Doctor said i have two lumps in my right breast,one bigger and one small.i could find my right breast is slight bigger in size but the shape of the breats is fine. and one small lump in left breast.These lumps are not pain full for me but i do have breast pain before menstrual time.
Later with doctor suggestion i went to FNAC test.where in the result was not found any cells in the lumps except regular blood in the lumps.But doctor said better to excise the lumps.But iam not interested in surgery.Please let me know if there is a natural medicine to melt the lumps.Iam going to marry so i want to come out of this tension.please help me.

In: Breast Care, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

Sorry we do not have products related to same.

Thank you Support

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