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I have Severe Azoospermia and want to ask if it can be treated in any manner thru any medicines.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had my testicular biopsy done in the year 2004. It was written as – Histology reveals multiple sections of tubules from epididymis lined by columnar epithelium and do not contain spermatozoa. surrounding fibrovascular stroma is unremarkable. on deliderate search no seminiterous tubules from testicle are noted.

My FSH was 50.17 in 2006 and LH was 26.19.And after going thru semen test found NO sperm with 2-3 pus cell/hpf, epithelial cells- 1-2/hpf and RBC – 0-1/hpf. Volume 0.8ml.

Do u think it can be treated in any manner. What medicines shall i take.

Regards shankar Chauhan


In: Fertility & Infertility, Posted 5 years ago

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