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I know teens get acne but is there a way to prevent or control the amount that pops up?

I have acne pretty much all the time. On my face chest and back. I use benzoyl peroxide and adveeno facewash daily. It hasn’t been clearing up and it’s been months already almost a year. It’s really bad mainly on my back. Any advice?

In: Acne, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings from Ayurvedic Cure

This one of the common problems people encounter at teen age. Oily skin can be the cause of Pimples. Oil skin is an easy host for dust particles and bacteria. one has to take extra care for oily skin. Wash face twice a day with plain water to prevent accumulation of dust on face and also gently Rub face with cotton dipped in rose water before going to bed.

Avoid the use of soap. Eat green vegetables. Oily, spicy food is prohibited.
Also we recommend Neem capsules take one capsule twice aday after meal.
Read more on Acne at
You can use any one of the home remedy mentioned in the link.

Thank you Support

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