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I need a Second Opinion On Semen Analysis Report and to What should I Do further

hi my name is Atul. recently i did my semen analysis following is my report. The Diagnostic center said the reports are normal but I need a second opinion. Please let me know are my reports normal.


Physical Examination :

Collection Method: Manipulation       Collected at: 1.40pm        Examined at: 2.55pm      Volume: 2ml

Odour: Seminal         Colour: Whitish        pH: Alkaline        Viscosity: Normal

Chemical Examination :

Fructose(Qualitative): Present

MicroScopic Examination :

Sperm Count: 22millions / ml              Actively Motile: 30%       Sluggishly Motile: 35%    NonMotile: 35%

Total % for abnormal forms: 1%         PusCells: 2-3/hpf       RebBlood Cell: Absent      Epithelial Cells: Absent


Please let me know weather my reports are normal or not. What way should be better for me if me and my wife wants to conceive a child.


Please Help

Regards  –  Atul Verma ([email protected])

In: Sexual Health, Posted 5 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure


Normal sperm count is considered to be 20 TO 150 million/cc.Sperm motility, ideally 50% are forward-moving, that is there in your report but for improved and increasing active motility.The given semen analysis examination report reveals good for fertility.

We recommend you to take Kapikachhu capsules along with Take one capsule each twice a day after meal with milk. This combination will help in increasing the sperm count and volume. Also will improve the motility. Diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables. Diet rich in Vitamin C and Zinc is very necessary for sperm health.


Avoid frequent ejaculation.


Thank you

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