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I need treatment to start periods and cure infertility

Hi, I have had no periods from last 20 years. I am married and my age is 36. I have gone through all surgeries and medicines but it is said by doctors that I could not have babies even by test tube t.

In: Fertility & Infertility,Women's Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

You are not getting periods and you have already gone through various tests. We have herbal medicines which can induce and regularize periods in a female. Ashoka and Regunova Plus are the herbal medicines having very good results in regularizing periods, strengthening uterus and body of a female to achieve successful pregnancy. A regular course of three four menstrual cycles is sufficient enough to give satisfactory results. But In you case as the doctors have already declared that the pregnancy is not possible in any case so the effectiveness of medicines can only be confirmed by complete physical examination and studying your test reports. But you should use these medicines in case the problem is just hormonal imbalance or so. Further queries are welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #2

As I have my regular periods which occurs4 to 5 days ahead, last I had my period on 12th , but in this month 9th gone but still don’t have my period started, I am married and have a son but don’t want to have the next, we had precautionery measures but some how it seems failed, in the last year I had my abortion. Pls. help what kind of Ayurvedicrure should be taken to overcome this problem.

Answers Answered By: MRS. MUKHERJEE Level Rating points
Answer #3

Hello Mrs Mukherjee

We recommend you to see your doctor for abortion.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points

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