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I need your prescription for bent penis and weak erections.

Hi, I am 32 years old. I was involved in masturbation from the age of 12 years . Now I have some problem because of this. My penis is 5 inches long. I think  its ok, but it has a bend downward(NOT A BIG BUT A LITTLE BEND AROUND 20-30 DEGREES) with the thin base of penis. I feel no pain when penis is erect so is this a Peyroni’s disease ?? My penis is thin from base and normal at top. Is this ok??? If not then please suggest me some remedies. I used orgy oil and some tablets from 3 moths. Yes it is effective in erection surely as I feel . Now my erection is much better. please suggest me remedies for increase the thickness at the root (base) of penis and curve and also for erection. If I use Kohinoor gold with orgy then it will solve the all problems or not???  and please tell me where I can found the Kohinoor gold in Jaipur , India? Waiting for your quick reply. Thanks

In: Men's Health,Sexual Health, Posted 9 years ago

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15 Answers

Answer #1

Hello and greetings from Thanks for your interest in our products.

Tilted or curved penis or small size of penis is always a point of tension in males. Guy with these sorts of penis problems feels shy and embarrassed. Generally curvatures of penis are mild and can be treated at home with herbal medicines only. All penis curvatures are not due to Peyroni`s disease. Mostly masturbation is the main cause of curvature in penis. So don`t take much tension about downward bending, weak thin base of penis, weak erections etc and start with a course of Butea Superba Gel and Kohinoor Gold for permanent solution of your penis health and sex related problems. Butea gel helps in providing proper shape and size to penile tissue. It treats bending of penis or curvatures in shaft of penis safely without ant side effect. It also helps in increasing girth, length, sensitivity of penis and orgasm level at sex. Kohinoor will cure erection weakness, premature ejaculation and other sex problems. So keep your course regular for three months to get best results. Further queries are welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #2

thanks for reply
can i buy kohinoor in jaipur??? if yes then plz tell me the place.


Answers Answered By: seefan2 Level Rating points
Answer #3

Hello Seefan2

Surely, you can buy Kohinoor Gold. We have special offers for our Indian customers. To know more about range of products and offers available in India we request you to visit and finalize your products.

Contact the team at [email protected] and mention the products and quantity you want. You can make payment by check, bank transfer or draft. Further queries are always welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #4

Hi, I am 25 year old. I have problem with my curve penis. It is 7 inches long but near by 30 degree curve at left side. I need your prescription for to straight my penis. I also want to know, Is that any problem with curve penis in my sex life.

Answers Answered By: rohit Level Rating points
Answer #5

Hello Rohit

Apply Orgy Penis Massage Oil to get straight, long and strong penis. Little bit of bending may not give you any problem in sexual relation.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #6

sir im from attock pakistan my problem is very serious so plz help me
i started sex at the age of 12 and now im 25 years oldmy penis is too small max 5 inches and very thin and bent. i never had sex with female/ male but i cant controll and uses my hands or some artifitial things like foam for sex. my timing is maximum 20 sec. i m getting married after ayear now im very worry because i will not able to satisfy my life partner so tell me some treatment thanks and give me a piece of advice about my sex anual habbit and how to controll it

Answers Answered By: muhammad tufail Level Rating points
Answer #7

Hello muhammad

Avoid masturbation and take good diet. Increase water intake for faster recovery. Start with a regular course of Kohinoor Gold and Butea Superba Gel to increase sex duration, erection power and sexual power naturally.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #8

hellow sir i belog to pakistan
i have many problems with my sex. my pennis is small(4 inches and it is thin at the base and i can not errect it fully and it do not tight.secondly my sex timing is less than a minute when i use hands
so i wnt to ask some questions
1.. sir what is the minimum time of sex to satisfy female?
2..what is the minimum size of pennis should be to satisfy a female i.e wife
3 i m not merried and how can i controll my sex desire?
4.. i watch sxy movies and cant controll myself and uses my hands for sex
kindly answer these questions and suggest a treatment for me
sir what is the price of medicines?
i live in pakistan attock plz help me

Answers Answered By: mr. imran Level Rating points
Answer #9

Hello imran

Each female or individual has different limits of sex and satisfaction. Avoid masturbation. There is no medicine to stop masturbation habit and its only your determination which can help you to come out of this habit.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #10

i need a medicine to make my penis straight as it is bent down side..

Answers Answered By: Mohamamd Noman Level Rating points
Answer #11

Hello Noman

Orgy Penis Massage Oil should be applied on penis shaft with gentle massage of almost ten minutes twice a day for straightening penis and making penis big, thick and powerful.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #12

Hi, in the last few weeks I noticed that my penis base became thinner than the rest of the shaft during the erection, Can you please advice me what is the problem and what are the possible solutions?. Thanks

Answers Answered By: cohein Level Rating points
Answer #13

Hello cohein

The blood supply to penis may be decreasing due to some problem and hence the size and rigidity. We recommend you to take a regular course of Kohinoor Gold and Orgy Penis Massage Oil for complete solution of all your sex problems. Make a regular three months course for best results.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #14

Sir my penis bent to lift side and thin -erection very low same water- Im in duba UAE I don’t have cradit card to order online – can I pay by wester union or other money exchange – please gauide me thanks

Answers Answered By: Sunoo Level Rating points
Answer #15

Hello Sunoo

You are advised for the Butea Superba Gel on local application of your penis twice a day,
Kohinoor Gold one capsule twice a day with milk after meal. USe both these medicines for a regular period of three months.For more payment options
Visit our Site ,you can place your orders on the same site.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points

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