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I recently discovered a problem and it’s freaking me out? How can I stop this or treat it?

As of last night, I had what you call it a “wet dream.” I’ve never had one before and I think is messing up my plan on not masturbating. I recall the dream clearly on what happened. I was naked and covered with a towel. Then I just began cumming and held the towel close. It felt real and good. But when I woke up, thre was semen in my boxers. I realized i squirted when I was asleep. I don’t want it to happen again for my fear of my earlier problems. Can I do anything to fix this without pills?

In: Penis Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Night fall is normal if happens once or twice a month. It is just a response of the body to internal sexual tension build up due to erotic dreams and person who is not exposed to sexual activity for longer time.

it is normal to happen once a month. Because as sperm is continuously formed in the body and we are not ejaculating it then it oozes out of its own.

If this happens frequently in a month then we will recommend to use Kohinoor Gold capsules along with Asparagus capsules This combination will help in strengthening urogenital system. These are powerful herbal products that help in sustaining the sperm. Take one capsule two times a day after meal.

Thank you Support

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