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I want to become slim, please suggest some good herbal medicine.

I am 23 female and I have a fat stomach and I want to get slim, as I was trying to take MORSLIM – ┬áZ SLIMING capsules, so if I take it for how long I have to take it, is there any side effect after I stop these capsules, will I get fat again, please help me in this,thank you.

In: General Health,Obesity, Posted 9 years ago

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Hello and greetings from Thanks for your interest in our products.

You can reduce weight from your abdomen and thigh region as well as from all your body parts with the help of herbal medicines and a slight change in your life style. One should not be lazy and physical workout and exercises are must to keep body fit. Morslim-Z is an effective and safe method of reducing weight. You should use it regularly to check the weight gain and to reduce the excess of weight and calories. It controls over eating by regularizing appetite, tones up complete body metabolism, burns excess of calories. This is an effective herbal medicine to open the micro channels in body and allow proper transportation of fats and nutrition to each body part. It helps in proper distribution of fats and don`t allow to deposit it on any particular place. You can use it for long time to normalize the complete body metabolism and get good figure, without any fear of side effect. If you control your eating habits and make proper healthy diet plans with regular exercises you will never get this problem again in future. Almost three months regular course is required for satisfactory results. For any information about the medicine and its use you can also visit We always welcome your queries.


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