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IM 19 having nightfall from last 5 years. Body growth is stopped. Hairs are turning grey and falling.

Im having nightfall problem from last 5 years. It happened so frequently. I took musli pro which stopped it a little bit. But because of this I lost so much wieght. Im only 52 kg. N my hieght is 5’11. My hairs are turning grey. They are falling everyday. I feel so week. Im trying hard to put on some weight but nothings happening. Its like my growth is stopped. I eat a lot of food. But nothing works. I took a weight gainer also n went to gym. But nothing worked. Now im helpless. Is it the end ?

Pls suggest me something. As soon as possible. It will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello and greetings from

Regular nightfall causes body weakness, fatigue, loss of erection, premature ejaculation, makes semen thin and less in quantity. Start with which is a herbal medicine and is best for your problem. It will solve your night fall problem and will tone up your reproductive system, urinary system and physical strength. It also helps to increase the erection, duration of sex and sexual power. With this also take Shilajit capsules It will solve your sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and increase your libido.

The excessive loss of semen may result in loss of vital energy of body which may induce general body weakness, chronic fatigue, hair fall or premature graying of hairs and loss of concentration etc. Weakness and fatigue etc will be solved by Kohinoor and for premature graying of hairs, dandruff and hair fall a regular use of Hair Loss Cream is best.

Take more healthy diet enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink four-five liters of water daily.

Use these medicines regularly for two to three months to get satisfactory results.



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