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Irregular periods, gain in weight, facial hair,I am 28,irregular periods problem from long time

irregular periods problem from long time,have consulted gyno doctors allopathy, given oral contraceptives to regularize periods, whenever i stop them i donot get periods,very stressed, issues in married life.getting pimples,hair loss,little facial hair near chin,eyes burning

In: Menstrual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello and greetings from

You are firstly adviced to go for Sonogrphic studies. Proper diagnosis can be made after this. However your symptoms are pointing towards Poly cystic ovary disease.

PCOD or poly cystic ovary disease is a major cause of irregular periods, pain, facial hairs and irregular deposition of fats in body.  This is a painful condition which can be treated with herbal medicines Retone Plus and Ashoka Capsules These medicines in combination are best for the treatment of ovarian cysts, irregular periods, painful bleeding and steep pains in lumbar region specially near periods.You can start them from any day of your menstrual cycle and take both medicines together after meals twice a day. Regular use of these medicines for two to three cycles generally cure all irregularities of periods in females and also strengthens the reproductive system.

So We request you to start with the course and take healthy diet. Take lots of water daily. Further queries are always welcome.



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