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Is there a way to uplift the libido naturally?

Loss of sex drive or a diminishing libido is a common problem nowadays. More and more people are complaining of sexual dissatisfaction that can be attributed to various factors such as increased levels of stress, hormonal imbalance, increased job pressure and strain. If you are unable to function normally when it comes to enjoying sexual bliss, you might be suffering from loss of sex drive. This can be extremely frustrating as well as annoying for both partners as it may give rise to feelings of unhappiness, irritability, insecurity and depression.

In case, you have any unresolved relationship issues or bad memories related to sex haunt you, it might be best for you to see a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. But, if you are just plain tired and are unable to have sex because you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual stimulation or are low on energy, you can always try some natural aphrodisiacs that help boost sex drive and enable you to enjoy a happy and satisfying sex life.

How to uplift your libido naturally?
Looking for something that can give your libido a boost? Welcome to Mother Nature’s own kitchen. While the pharmaceuticals industry is loaded with products that claim to enhance your sex drive and put you in the mood, they often forget to mention the side effects these products may have in the long term. Natural aphrodisiacs certainly help uplift the libido and do not have any side effects. They have been in use since the time of various ancient civilizations and help boost your libido naturally and effectively.

Gorge on onions: Onions are known to possess powerful aphrodisiac properties of which even the ancient Indians, Egyptians, Romans, Greek and Arabs were aware. Onions not only uplift the libido but also strengthen the reproductive organs. One of the best natural remedies for enhancing the libido is the combination of onions and honey. Alternatively, you can also extract the juice of a white onion and take it along with milk and clarified butter. This helps treat impotence.

For the love of garlic: Garlic is also regarded as a potent aphrodisiac since ancient times. It is known to promote sexual vigor and vitality and can be added to a number of dishes. It is best to have garlic when it is crushed or chopped as its main compound allicin is then released. Garlic oil can also be used to treat impotence.

Oysters for the libido: As the legend goes, Casanova consumed dozens of oysters every morning to boost his libido. Rich in zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, taurine and other compounds, oysters can certainly turn you on. They not only look erotic but also increase your desire for having sex.

Pumpkin seeds for healthy sex: Pumpkin seeds are known to abound in zinc that helps in the production of testosterone in men. They are also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and promote the overall sexual heath of an individual. They are good for boosting the libido of both men and women and increase fertility.

Basil for a dwindling libido: Holy basil or Tulsi is known to uplift the libido, enhance circulation of blood to the genitals and improve fertility. Its aroma can turn you on and get you craving for sex. You can add basil to soups and various dishes or take plain basil tea for stimulating passion.

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