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Is there any cure for Azoospermia after undergoing ICSI Treatment in Ayurvedic Medicine?

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I am Senthil from Chennai, India.  I am 32 years of age, i have severe Azoospermia and i have underwent ICSI Treatment which was a failure.  The Doctor from BRS Hospital had advised me that the sperms inside my testicles are not a quality one.  Hence it was not a successful treatment. I have lost huge money in that treatment, as i suffered my wife a lot, as she went lots of medications.  She has irregular periodical issues, where in she is under proper medication.  We are planning for IVF, but before that i thought of checking with you whether any possibility to see my own biological child?  Cause no one in family had such issues.  I occasionally taken alcohol, done masturbation in the past.   But i dont think that would be the reason. Kindly advise me whether is there any possibility to see my own child? I am dying to see it.  myself and my wife are undergoing agonizing pain.  Pls help and support.

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Hello and Greetings from Ayurvediccure

We recommend you to start with Kapikachchu capsules this herb is used from ancient time to improve fertility in men and Gokshura capsules These are the best herbal medicines for low sperm count and other problems related to semen. These are natural substitutes for male hormones and stimulate the testis to form healthy active sperms with full motility and quality. These medicines complete the sperm count and over power the infection in reproductive system. These are good aphrodisiac and general health booster. This will help in maintaining the adequate sperm count,volume,motility of the sperm, improves quality of sperm. Also will support urogenital system against all possible infections and strengthen it.

With this you can go for Panchkarma treatment in which different therapies like Virechna,Basti,Uttar basti, Abhyanga, Swedana are done to improve fertility.

1)  Increase Consumption of milk, butter and rich protein food, dry fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables is advised.

2)  Consumption of meat or egg in moderate quantity.

3)  Drink 4-5 lit. water daily.

4) Avoid over ejaculations,irregular dietary habits,spicy food items. Reduce physical and mental stress, alcohol

consumption,smoking and tranquillizers.

Use these herbal safe supplements for min. three months to get satisfactory results.


Ayurvedicure .com

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