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Is there any treatment for penile tissue damage during aggressive sex or penis fracture?

Hi, here is my complicated case: 2 years ago, during a sexual intercourse, my gf was at the top of me and did a sudden strong move. I injured my penis which bad scared. There is a damage at my left base of penis, with a torsion here, which creates impotence. I have a mild curvature on right side, loss of sensation, penile loss of size, and so total impotence. ¬†Apparently, my penile tissues at base are damaged and there is some fibrosis. I’d like to know if there is a way by natural remedies to ‘repair’ penile tissues damage, in order to be able to have erections again and recover penile sensations, as I’m in total despair with this horrible condition. ¬†Thanks a lot.


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Penis is very delicate organ and even a minor injury here can cause serious complications. Some times during aggressive sex etc the penis is bent more than permissible limits and penis fracture occurs. This is followed by pain and erectile dysfunction. This is a serious disease and can results in impotency. The soft tissue and penis muscle get injured and are very difficult to heal again. We advise you to give massage to your penis with Orgy Penis Massage Oil to strengthen the penis tissue and heal the injury. It will help in regaining the lost sensitivity and activeness in penis. The herbal medicine Kohinoor Gold will again boost the blood circulation in penis and cure your erection failure. It will induce erection and help to get everything normal. So use both these medicines for three four months to get good results. We welcome your queries.


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