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I’ve suffering from different symptoms and I didn’t know the reason, Could you please help me?

Dear Sir,

From about 8 months, I felt that I lost a part from my head, certainly from my memory. and then I’ve headache, forgetfulness like unusual, lower back pain, weak muscles (some of them like cutted down), less concentration and cognition also like unusual. From 1 or 2 months I’ve noticed low sperm quality (like water) and less sex desire.

I don’t masturbate two much but also I didn’t each two much, almost I’m vegetarian.

Do you suggest taking medications and if yes which is the best to my case: Shilajit, Kinhoor gold plus, Ashwagandha or others?

Thanks in advance


In: Headache, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Well your case is general body weakness due to poor diet and masturbation. Even though you do not masturbate much but due to poor diet intake even that much masturbation is harmful.

First of all eat healthy low protein diet including fresh fruits, Green vegetables and diet rich in zinc. Also Start with Kohinoor Gold capsules along with Shilajit capsules Take one capsule each twice a day after meal with Milk only.

This will help in increasing the power and stamina. Also will help in increasing the sperm count and sexual desire. Sperm will become thick and viscous with regular use of the products along with the healthy diet intake.

Thank you Support


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