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Q: Hi There, I would like to know if Boswellia will help me. I have knee problems. I have had a knee op on one knee and was told that my cartlidge is torn aswell as under the knee cap the cartlidge is damaged. It has holes. They scrapped it as far back as they could. Would boswellia repair this and give me better movement ?
I also have high Cholesterol, ostioarthritis and have had menapause for 7 years. I am however taking medication from the Menapause Centre. Aswell as meds for the cholesterol.
I would apreciate it if you can try help me with my knees though.

In: Body Care, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

You can use Gugglu capsules as this will help in your almost every problem like joint pain, repair,maintaining normal cholesterol levels and menstrual disorders.

Along with take Arthcare oil for local application on the joints for nourishing the joints and improving the movements. Avery gentle massage in circular motion over the joint is needed regularly.
This is very famous Ayurvedic products that helps in weight management and is widely used by Ayurvedic Practitioners worldwide.

Use the whole combination for the period of three months at least to get desired result and can be prolonged as per necessity.

Thank you Support

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