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Kohinoor gold, does it help in erection?

Hello I m 25yes of age an have been masturbating from many years, off late I don feel my penis erected even after watching porn or when my girl french talks dirty, it was never like this before, an thrice I room viagra 50 mg to satisfy my gal cos I didn’t wan to fun early, m worried n other wise before I should to ejaculate within 3 mins once my penis is her vagina. I want to last for long and get my penis erected like before with bigger size n thickness if it is possible. Does kohinoor gold help cure all this? If yes how long does it take? And how long m I supposed to take the course for? M located I’m bangalore,.india. Plz answer asap.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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1 Answer

Answer #1

*meant not not
*took not room
*before I used to ejaculate or cum within 3mins not should.

Plz ignore the spelling mistakes since m posting through my phone.

Thank you.

Answers Answered By: Aditya87 Level Rating5 points

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