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lenght and girth. THE LENGTH AND GIRTH of my penis is not very much. after erection it becomes 4.2-4.5 inches only whereas iv heard that it should be 6-7 inch

im 20 years ild. after erection my penis size is 4- 4.5 inches only. im reallly worried and i dont even have a good grth. this is taking a toll on meas i keep hearing that this will not lead to good sexual life and that people actually have size that is double of mine. im very tensed. another thing… i have been masturbating once this causing a problemm . please select a natural remedy to increase penis size. im very worried. HELP !!!!

In: Penis Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Penis enlargement can be achieved with use of herbal products naturally without any side effects. These products are derived from Thai herbs and mixed with other natural ingredients. Read whole information about products and ingredients at links mentioned along with the products

Butea superb capsules and Butea superb gel have special aphrodisiac herbs which when applied on penis skin increases blood flow towards penis, increases sensitivity of skin, increases pleasure, penis size and orgasm level. Also when capsules are taken along with milk with regular application of Butea superb gel on penis helps in the treatment of curvature and weakness of penis. This also helps in increasing the size of penis.

So we recommend you to use these medicines in combination for two three months regularly top get best results.

Thank you Support


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