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Mastrubation habit

Sir pls help me im frm middle class family, I addicted to hanjob(mastrubation) since 6th std now im doing BE(mechanical) 4th yr since frm 9th std I like to stopped it but during night without my counsious ejaculation takes place aftr the wet in my underwear i felt it n i wakeup i feel shy for this n this continued till today also. without my sense during midnite my hand automatically go to my penis sake it n sperm has cum n only aftr tat i realise tat i done the handjob i am so scared pls Dr pls help me. now today also sperm cums without my sense tis night. MY UNCOUNSIOUS HANDJOB happens 3 times every week from 2006 onwards nw 2011 I SCARED for tis so tat I usually masturbate WITH MY SENSE during day time every Sunday n my frns told tis is our life to njoy so they give pron videos n I hav sex chat in facebuk too. But my soul didn’t get happy. I need a gud prestige n beautiful life for tat I stop to go to facebuk for tis 2 days n I decide to delete all videos (but not yet) Im 21yr old n 70 kg n 5.8 feet height n penis normal 2.5 inch. I hav low memory power, poor stamina,hairfall, short temper, lazy n I feel more fear even riding a cycle (so tat I never learn 2 or 4 wheeler) I usually go anywhere by walk. I want to overcum from all my defects n I wish to live like a NORMAL BOY n wish to drive anything without fear, face pbm with more self confidence sir. I have more commitments frm my family. I want to achieve a lot. Pls help me sir wat can I do 4 tis(my UNCOUNSIOUS mastrubation)? If I recover frm tis then I never do myCOUNSIOUS handjob. Pls kindly rply to tis ugly disease in me n Pls gv ur mobile no sir.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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2 Answers

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings from Ayurvedic Cure

You are blindly playing with your health by being so addicted to masturbation. People do it for fun without knowing the consequences and this time you are going through all the side effects of masturbation. Also avoid watching the pron stuff as this will create an urge to masturbate. Thus if you do not make your mind strong enough then slowly these symptoms will become permanent and hard to get rid off.
We recommend to take Asparagus capsules along with Gokshura capsules Take one capsule each twice aday after meal with milk. Use combination for period of three months for desired results.
This combination will help in improving the lost strength and stamina.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Mosley Level Rating1292 points
Answer #2

thanks a lot sir, i hav sum queries.. i have no money bcos im a student so pls sir kindly gv d list of foods (not tablets) to increase my strength n stamina n healthy sperms from my home itself bcos my parents becum too sad when they knw tat i hav tis pbm. how can i chang my lifestyle? i fully delete the pron stuffs nw, pls gv the idea abt how to overcum d fear?.if i think abt any pron stuffs then wat can i do at tat time sir? pls answer me sir.
Thank u…

Answers Answered By: jacksmith.0123 Level Rating10 points

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