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Mastubration problem

My qusetion is about my problem of mastubration i have been mastuberating from last 2 years continuosly now i have seen there are some pimple like thingd on the top of my pennis nd i feel weak can you tell me what are these pimples like on my pennis and how can i stop mastubration???

In: Child & Teen Health, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

First of all you must be aware of the fact that Masturbation can give the pleasure for few mins. but can ruin your whole sex life. Excessive masturbation can lower the quality and the quantity of the sperm. One cannot have the proper erections during intercourse, wet dreams or night fall and various other physical and mental health related problems.
You need strong determination to get rid of the masturbation. first of all never be alone in home. Try to be in the company of the family as much as possible. Never involve in the erotic discussions or do not watch any adult stuff. Keep yourself busy as much you can. Start regular exercise.

Please read various harmful effects of over masturbation :

Thank you Support

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