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masture bation demage my sexual system and my kidny and testicals are paining swearly,

dear! i start masture bation from earlier part of my life (12 to 13) till now ,  i am off 26 now . due to continuesly master bation  i lost my all sexual power , and semon( sperm) is continuesly coming out during urine or i feel little power my penis , it cant take power as it would be , and drops of sperm ( not white colour like water ) starts coming out , & i also feel pain in spoinal card , both kidnyes and their tubes & testicals all off 24 hours , & my penis has alsonatural curve , 

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

 Over Masterbation can result in excess load on testis and prostate to produce sperm that can effect their function. So avoid masturbation to improve your health.

The most common cause of your problem is over ejaculation through Masturbation or internal infection. Loss of sperm without self control is indication of weak nerves of penile. Due to this decline in physical and sexual health take place.

Sperms are protein that play very important role in our body immunity and likely to effect the health of the person.
Over ejaculation effects sperm volume and erection power of penis. Healthy Sperm is usually formed in 3-4 days depending on the diet and sexual activity of the person.

You should start  with Shwet musli and Gokshura capsules These herbal products are very helpful for any kind of internal urinary tract infection and to boost stamina and reduce stress ,anxiety, weakness.

It  also improves fertility by increasing sperm count and motility and will help in raising the sperm volume and number.


Take one capsule each twice a day after meal with Milk. Drink 5-6 lit water daily, include fiber in your diet.


Thank you Support

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