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mild pain in penis as it becames very sensitive after masterbation and it ejaculates very fast within few seconds

i am a 25 year old , i have been doing masterbation for about 6-7 years.. since last 1 year i hav reduced it to only once in a month, one month back i masturbated very rashly , pressed nd rubbed my penis very hard from bottem near the tip of penis and it ejaculates very fast, after that m having little pain nd urge to pee even if it not urinate nd skin of the penis is became very sensitive and all the time i have a feeling of ejaculation and i can feel sensation at penis .. nd i had sex once after this incident and then it ejaculates very fast withn in seconds, it never happend before.. more over the feeling of that sensation is very obnoxious .and uncomfortable. may be that act of masterbation has done some infection or has damaged some tissues.. so please advice me what should i do to get over with this problem and make my penis normal

In: Penis Health, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Some times over masturbation can lead to pain in testis and Penis. We will also recommend to have second opinion and check up for chances of Prostatis. As due to Prostatis one feels urge to urinate even after passing urine.

Read answer to similar question at link given below;

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