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more about the effects of over masturbation

I suffer from the most severe symptoms of over masturbation from stress, fatigue, and memory loss; to impotence and hair loss. I even suffer from semen leakage. I have never been a consumer of caffeine, I eat lots of nutty foods, vegetables, I don\’t drink Soda or Alcohol. I drink approximately 80 oz of water per day. none which has helped.
I started masturbating at 11 years of age and my dietary habits have been as such since I was 19 years of age. I\’m now 36 years old.
If I restrict myself from sexual activity, will all the symptoms go away, or are they permanent regardless of if I stop or continue unabated?

In: Men's Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Try to leave Habit and start with low protein diet Add dry fruits in low quantity in the diet. drink plenty of milk. Eat fresh and green vegetables. Regular course of these herbal products will help in increasing sperm count, erection power and proper satisfaction of the partner.
You must take Shilajit and Macuna capsules Take one capsule each two times a day with milk after meal. This will help to increase the strength and power. It will increase the sperm count and ejaculation volume.

Further queries are also welcome.

Thank you Support

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Answer #2

Interesting, you say drink plenty of milk, yet says to minimize red meat and dairy product intake.
what are some examples of dry fruit? do you mean dehydrated fruits such as raisins and prunes? I already eat a sizable quantity of greens such as Kale, Turnips, Mustards, Broccoli, and Green Beans.
How should physical exertion figure into this, (e.g. reduce or increase)I’m curious if just stopping the habit altogether will be enough to stop the trends of these symptoms.
Also there are quite a number of symptoms associated to Over masturbation on your site, the only two that I don’t suffer from is pre-mature ejaculation or impotence. my main concern is about memory loss and hair loss.

Answers Answered By: troubled Level Rating2 points

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