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Multiple Problems alonwith throat pain and burning sensation in mouth even if I add a little spice to my food

It began as a swelling on the lips some two months ago, for which my family doctor prescribed cetrizen tablets which cured the allergy. But after that I started getting pricking pain in my throat (right side) for which I have been running from pillar to post for the last two months with no improvement in my condition. I also have occasional itching on the sides of my tongue and itching in my ears. Medicines prescribed by my family physician was vibact(pre and probiotic) as I was suffering from constipation also then. I have even done Betadine gargles.After that, one ENT surgeon prescribed Tresmox, Cobadex, Fol 5 and Solvin as I had cough also. Another ENT Surgeon told me that I have no problem whatsoever. I got my blood test done for Diabetes, CBC, ESR, routine urine test and T3, T4 and Th tests which turned out to be normal except for the urine which showed as acidic. After that I had urinary tract infection also which was treated with Cital Syrup and Norflox 400mg. Right now, my condition is such that I have to eat absolutely bland food as I cannot have even slightly spicy food as I get burning sensation in the mouth. Further, I am taking Pantosec 40mg first thing in the morning from last few days and I am trying to avoid all the acidity triggering foods from last two months. But despite all my efforts, I am continuing to have the throat pain which sometimes shifts to the left side also. Please note that there is swelling (they look like boils) in my throat. Further, I have observed that the lip swelling starts somewhere around 3-4 days before my menstruation starts and goes away after the menses begin. Also, the menstruation cycle is now repeated after 23-24 days instead of 30 days. Now I am suffering from dry mouth also. Today two ulcers have also developed below my tongue. I am feeling depressed as nobody has been able to diagnose what is the problem. I request you to guide me please as to what I am supposed to do. Along with medicines, kindly advise me as to what will be the appropriate diet I should follow.

Thanks in advance



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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

You seem to be treated with every possible medicine without diagnosing the exact problem. I am not sure if ENT doctor went for right examination as to me it seems like you might have tonsillitis. These are swelling of the Tonsils situated at back of pharynx on upper side. This can be due to infection. its good you avoid spicy food. It can be removed with mild surgical procedure which is quiet old and effective called tonsillectomy. Also drink lot of water as this can help in relieving pain and it take 7-10 days post operative for recovery.

Please get proper throat examination to diagnose above. For Acidity or sore throat we will recommend to take Trikatu capsules twice a day with lukewarm water. Also endoscopy is recommended to find the exact cause of the problem.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support 


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