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Mumps (epidemic parotitis).. I am suffering from parotitis (mumps) for the past 45 days.

Hi I am 32 yrs old male; I am suffering from  parotitis (mumps) for the past 45 days.  One month back I went to a doctor with Jaw pain and swelling, he said I got parotitis and sunmandibular adenitis and prescribed me heavy antibiotics, which made me very weak; and then I consulted another doctor and he said I should not take antibiotics as mumps is a virus infection and since I took heavy antibiotics I got weak, so he asked me to stop the antibiotics and take complete rest and have orange juice.  I used to have orange juice regularly (4-5 times per day), but i didnt get cured.  Then when I was browsing 2-1/2 weeks back and i found citrus fruit will aggravate parotitis (mumps)… and i stopped that also; now I feel the swelling (mild) of the jaw area and pain (this is also mild), and one sided chills and one-sided sweat (which is very heavy)… I took an ultatrsound of parotid gland, which shows only mild bulging of parotid glands and nothing else…Please help me out of what to do? thanks in advance…

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Mumps can happen in any age. Those who are not immunized with the vaccination or never had suffered with this disease in the past.

It is a contagious disease. Normally symptomatic treatment is preferred. Also Normally analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs are given and. Ice bags or Heating pads can be used to reduce the inflammation.

Also we recommend to take proper rest. There is no effective post-exposure treatment so vaccination should be taken in the childhood itself.

Thank you Support

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