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my daughter is of 11 years , pleaz answerhow to control breast growth in earlier age of 10

my daughter has stepped in 11th of her age  but breast is grown faster ? im worried if as like her breast is growing so fast, she would have no better looks n now a days typically narrow minded people have started commenting as i live in rural area . she sum time ignore it but some time she feels depressed so i don’t want to go in dpression/ please help n answer what precautions should b taken  n any medicine is there to control

In: Breast Reduction, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Brest development is completely under the control of Female sex hormones. These are normal and natural and should not be interfered with any medication. This natural body growth is looking abnormal due to some conservative people around you. You need to be mentally strong and make them understand too that this normal and sometimes can happen in early age that is before 13-14yrs.

Try to give moral support to your child and don’t worry.

Thank you Support

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