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my eyes are going deep , and also my penis has become small and weak , sperm too

I’m (Neil) 23yr male. When I was 15-16yr I know what is masturbate and then I start masturbate regularly, mean 4-5days in week and some time 7days in week and some time 2-3times in a week and same thing I do 2yrs continue but when I was little younger mean 18-19 then I understand that my eyes gone dipper and I looks bad, so I stop masturbate, when I stop masturbate then I face another problem that Sperm Falls when I’m sleeping and it’s done 3-4days in a week and some times its done afternoon sleep, and it’s continue 2-3yr and this time I’m so depressed b’coz my eyes go dipper when my sperm out in my body. When I masturbate or night falls that day my eyes feel so dry and dipper and that feel continue 2days and 3rd day my eyes feel better when I wake but 3rd day when I sleep then again falls in that night and again my eyes gone dipper and dry. Last 2yr my night falls automatically stop and I’m relax but my problem is not gone. My eyes steel in deep and if I do masturbate again I feel same thing, eye dryness and my eye goes more dipper but if I stop masturbate 15-20days then my eyes feel better but that’s not mean that my eyes r coming to upper, Now my eyes stable at a stage but when I do masturbate then it’s gone more dipper. Now I’m very depressed b’coz of my eyes dipper problem and that’s why I look so bad. I’m very scared about my problem b’coz now I’m single but when I get married and I do sex with my wife then what happenes? My eyes go more dipper or more feels dryness? Uff I can’t handle it. What Can I do? May I go to doctor? It’s possible to treatment my problem? Is it any treatment to my eyes feel better and coming upper? I know eyes dipper is normal & million peoples eyes r in deep but I want solution if is it possible, b’coz I’m in so depressed ! and also my penis has become small and weak , please help me!

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 4 years ago

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Hello And Greetings from

We recommend you to use Amalaki Capsules along with Kohinoor Gold Capsules consists of different ingredient herbs like Ashwagandha provides overall strength to body as well increases sexual stamina, Gokshura acts as genito-urinary system tonic, Shilajit helps in boosting immune system of body, Shawet musali specially helps in treating nightfall etc. Other than helps to cure complete sexual health problems like premature ejaculation, loss of libido, gives rock solid erection to long last in bed. Increase level of sexual energy with maximizing sexual pleasure. Take one capsule each twice a day after meals with milk.

Apply Orgy oil for weak and small penis by its nourishment phenomenon on reproductive system specially penis. It helps in improving penis firm, hard, stronger.Take few drops and massage on penis from shaft to glans but make sure that it does not get into the delicate orifice of organ, as it might cause irritation. It acts as natural lubricant and healing agent.

You are advised to avoid Practicing Masturbation. Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Use above combination for minimum three months to get effects.


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