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my name is adeel from Pakistan i m 27 years old i m having a gastric problem.i m really worried about this problem..plz help me with this issues..

dear sir,
i am 27 years old, unmarried and ..i had masturbated a lot since 15 years old. now even sometimes do it twice in a week.i have some serious problem with stomach gas trouble..which makes feel difficult in breathing gasping for air shortness of breath and i also have difficulty in sleeping.. i just feel tightness in the chest/heart and feel like i have to do force breathing..i dont know if it is problem with my breathing system or digestive system..i have no idea what is happening with me and i m really worried about myself..i used to be happy person and peaceful now i feel like not interesting in doing anything i feel loss of happiness both inside and outside.i hope u can tell me what is my problem and how to overcome it. hope to hear from you soon
thank you.

In: Gastrointestinal Disorders, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello and Greetings from

You are advised to visit your Physician. You shouldn’t ignore shortness of breath that occurs suddenly or that seems to be occurring all of the time. As this can also be due to anxiety and stress.

Acidity can be a result of defective digestion or stress. It is the accumulation of liquid inside the cavity. Sleeping after meals doubles gas and acidity that increases burning and sour sensation. Drink hot water after meals for easy digestion, it is also good for weight reduction.

Avoid factors that make stress. Avoid over masturbation. Avoid spicy foods, vinegar, black tea, chocolate etc. these are a reason for gas and acidity. Drinking coconut water daily is good for gas and acidity.Avoid raw vegetable salads like onion, cabbage and radish. These are acidity generating vegetables.


Please read below given link



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