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my peni muscles problem and my health

i am old 24years before 8 years hand use regular 3 times at a day bt of the moment my peni muscles finished inside water type came and sometime stand or down not hard my joint pain my body lazy plz give me oil better my musscles and medicen i hope will marry

In: Penis Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Due to over masturbation the sperm is thin and watery as you are ejaculating so frequently without giving ample time for healthy sperm maturation. The idle time between two normal ejaculations should be 3-4 days depending on the diet and health of the person.
Sperm is the vital part of the body adding strength and stamina to the body. So we need to preserve it as much as we can and avoid frequent ejaculation other wise this could effect the fertility of the person.
For healthy sperm and proper erection we will recommend to use Kohinoor Gold capsules and Mucuna pruriens take one capsule two times a day along with milk.
Also apply orgy oil on penis Massage on penis gently for harder erection and better performance.

Thank you Support

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