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my penis head pains whenever i touch it or it gets touched by cloth..basically pain is not on foreskin rather its on penis head.

sir my penis head pains even from touch of finger tip or a cloth.the pain is on whole penis and occurs on that point where it is touched.this problem is with since a very long time..i am uncircumsized.i went to a doctor he said that it might be a infection but his charges of treatment were highly exaggerated so i didnt took it..i had sex once but that doesnt matter because this problem was prevailing before it also and it is same now.basically i think that my habbit of not cleaning my penis head has lead to formation of some viruses on head though i have never had any puss formation or anything of that sort on it…please prescribe some cure..

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We will first see causes behind pain at tip of penis. Pain on tip of penis can be due to bladder infection A bladder infection can cause pain in the distal urethra. This is called referred pain, which means your penis hurts but your bladder is infective. Bladder infection is primarily listed as reason behind Pain in the distal urethra. Other reasons include Prostatitis ,Ishchemia means {inadequate blood supply in penis},balanitis, sexually transmitted infections, UTIs.

You can take Gokshura capsules This helps to prevent urogenital infections. With this You are advised to visit physician so to rule out exact cause by physical examinations and undergo some investigations.

Increase intake of water and other fluids.This is one of the fastest and most effective remedies for combating a urinary tract infection. Preventions: Use condoms when you have sex,avoid sex with anyone who has any kind of active infection and rough movements that bend your penis,having a circumcision if you have repeated infections,cleaning under your foreskin every day.


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