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Natural cure for edema

Edema is the irregular swelling caused due to accretion of fluid in the tissues under the skin or in any of the cavities of the body. It is also known as oedema or dropsy and can be caused by various factors such as increase in hydrostatic pressure of the blood vessels, reduced oncotic pressure of the blood vessels, sodium retention, obstruction in lymphatic circulation and inflammation. Edema can be accompanied by various ailments and is diagnosed as renal edema, hepatic edema, endocrinous edema, cardiac edema or nutritional edema.

Edema tends to affect those individuals the most who stay glued to their seats or work terminals for hours at a stretch such as secretaries and clerks. It is accompanied by swelling or puffiness, abdominal bloating, swollen ankles, legs or feet, water retention and pressure on the skin. Some individuals may also experience difficulty in putting on their shoes, particularly in the later part of the day and may complain of swelling or bulging around the eyes, fingers, face, scrotum etc.

Natural cure for edema:

Diet: The best way to treat edema is by consuming a diet that abounds in buttermilk, wheat, castor oil soup, cloves, radish and honey. You must reduce the intake of salt and avoid taking yogurt, rice and dry vegetables. Carbohydrates are known to increase fluid retention and must be minimized. Increase your consumption of fats and proteins.

Cabbage leaves: Wrapping your feet in cabbage leaves helps treat edema.

Pillow: Put a pillow beneath your feet and raise their level while lying down. This considerably relieves swelling.

Mustard oil: This is a wonderful home remedy for treating edema and can be used for massaging the affected areas.

Mustard seeds: Take 1 tsp of mustard seeds and soak them in hot water. Dip your feet in this for about 25 minutes. This helps alleviate swelling.

Tea tree oil: A mixture of tea tree oil and neem extract helps relieve edema caused by insect bite.

Turmeric: This herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective in treating edema. Applying the paste of sandalwood and turmeric can subside the swelling.

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These tips really worked, thanks 🙂

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