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Natural remedies for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that usually occurs in the older age group. It is a type of arthritis that is the outcome of structural changes in the articular cartilage in the joints. The joints such as the spine and knees that bear maximum weight of the body are most susceptible to developing osteoarthritis.

This condition is accompanied by pain and stiffness in the joints that usually increases after rigorous exercise. Other symptoms of osteoarthritis include leg cramps, dry neck, watery eyes, arteriosclerosis and impaired functioning of the gall bladder and liver. Osteoarthritis is caused by high levels of physical and mental stress, obesity, glandular insufficiency, calcium deficiency, shortage of hydrochloric acid and undernourishment.

Natural treatment for Osteoarthritis:

Fresh pineapple juice is an excellent natural remedy for battling osteoarthritis. It is known to contain a substance called bromelain that helps reduce inflammation and swelling of the joints. Repeated fasting on pineapple juice for at least two months is recommended for combating osteoarthritis effectively.

Arthcare oil and capsules are highly beneficial for treating painful osteoarthritis. Arthcare capsules can be taken orally on a daily basis and the joints should be massaged with Arthcare oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of Arthcare oil help alleviate pain and strengthen the joints and bones.

Raw potato juice is by far one of the most beneficial treatments for combating osteoarthritis. It has been used to treat this disease since ancient times. The traditional way is to prepare the remedy by chopping a potato into thin slices without peeling the skin. This should then be soaked overnight in water and drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Black gingelly seeds should be soaked overnight in water and the liquid should be strained and taken on an empty stomach in the morning. This helps reduce joint pain and swelling considerably.

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