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Natural treatment for Gout

Gout is a type of inflammation of the joints and swellings of a repeated type. Gout is chronic in character and occurs in severe or acute attacks. It is a disease of the chiefly affects middle-aged and the wealthy men. Women, after menopause, are also sometimes affected by mild or severe stages of this disease. The patient may suffer from acute pain in the big toe, which becomes hot, tender and swollen in a few hours. It may also similarly affect other joints such as the wrist and knees, and sometimes more than one joint may be affected at a time. A serious complication of gout is the presence of kidney stones having uric acid. In some patients the kidneys get damaged and do not function properly.

Bananas have been found helpful in the treatment of gout. A diet of bananas only for four or five days is advised for providing some good relief from gout. A patient can take nine or ten bananas daily during this period and nothing else.

The juice of French beans has proved very effective in treating gout. About 150 ml of this juice should be had daily by the patient suffering from gout.

Apples are referred as an excellent source for curing gout. The malic acid contained in them is believed to neutralize the uric acid and afford relief to gout patient. The patient is advised to have one apple after each meal.

Arthcare capsules – Natural remedy for joint support
Arthcare capsule is a blend of unique herbs those are described in Ayurveda as beat anti- inflammatory and analgesic herbs. The remarkable Arthcare capsules have been proven safe, time tested and very effective for thousands of people suffering from the discomfort , acute and chronic pain, immobilizing stiffness of arthritis and joint pain. Arthcare capsules –the best solution for arthritis , fibromyalgia, joint pain, gout, spondylitis and backache.

Lime is also beneficial as a source in treating gout. Vitamin C is known to prevent and cure sore joints by strengthening and healing the connective tissues of the body. The citric acid found in lime is a solvent of the uric acid which is the main cause of gout. The juice of half a lime, squeezed into a glass of water, should be had twice daily.

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