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Natural Treatments of Abrasions

Abrasions are primarily scrapes or trauma occurring in the top layer of the epidermis. They normally leave no scar but do sometimes bleed slightly. The possibility of scarring does exist if the abrasions run deep. Abrasions normally occur when the skin rubs or scrapes against a roughly textured surface.

• Trauma
• Injuries
• Falls

• Red or pink raw skin in the affected area
• Bleeding
• Tissue scarring
• Chafing

Treatment of abrasions
The most important care to give an abrasion is to keep it sterile and free of infection by following the procedures below:

Abrasions should be cleaned using very mild soap and water, as well as some type of antiseptic wash. Any trash or debris in the abrasion should be carefully cleaned from the wound.

Abrasions should be lightly coated with an antibiotic ointment and then bandaged with a clean, sterile bandage or gauze. The bandage should be changed at least once each day to speed up the healing process.

Do you need a tetanus shot?
In case the wound was exposed to a tetanus infection, you should check to see when your last tetanus shot was given (they should be given once every 10 years).

Do you need stitches?

If abrasions are deep, the wound should be checked to see if any stitches are needed.  Deep abrasions require more care and you may need to see your physician if this is the case.  Deep wounds often do not heal properly if they do not get the stitches they need.

Home remedies for Abrasions
• Use thyme tea or thyme oil to heal and to disinfect wound
• Use aloe gel or lotion to soothe inflamed skin
• Lavender oil can be applied to skin for help with healing
• Tea tree, calendula, and comfrey can be used to make ointments for healing wounds
• Calendula can be used alone to promote new skin growth

Useful tips
• Be sure to eat balanced meals containing all the nutrients you need – this will promote healing
• Don’t smoke or use any tobacco products
• Don’t drink alcoholic beverages
• Don’t use narcotic drugs

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