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need for weight loss and balanced diet

Hi there,

I was anemic as my RBC was 10 when i have checked it in June…so i was taking tab to increase the same and now its 12.9.

Recently, i have done master health check-up for me as i have started putting on weight like anything.

I was 64KG before my marriage on June this year but now, i am 76kg… i am losing my confidence level too because of this.
MY HEIGHT is 163cms…

Doctors had a look into my report and said… my bad cholesterol is nearing the maximum border & i have to reduce nearly 12 kgs.
Also, she said that my face is not looking healthy for the RBC count of 12.9.. Rather it looks very pale…

i have to reduce my weight, get rid of my paleness in my face, often tiredness, my bad cholesterol to go down.

I have started walking for 30 minutes recently & its in normal speeds.

I am veggie & please suggest how can i tackle it and come back to my previuos position

In: Fitness & Diet, Posted 7 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

One should be fit and healthy to live long disease free life. Over weight people have low stamina and poor metabolism. also obesity is the cause of various other problems like heart disorders, diabetes, joint pains etc.
So in order to loose weight one must take healthy balanced diet along with our herbal products. Do not skip meals instead take meals in divided doses say if you eat a food three times a day just take same amount of food five times a day. Avoid carbohydrates, fats as this will add calories that will result in weight gain.
Prefer diet rich in fibers as this assimilates easily in metabolism. Take and also apply anti cellulite cream on the targeted areas This combination will help you in reducing the weight.For fast results add light exercise to the course.
Take products for period of at least three months for desired results.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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