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nightfall dayfall and pain in the right lower and left lower ribs now i m feeling very bad

sir, i am 24 years old boy..but still i am look like and 16 year like guy. i do masturbate since i was 13 or 14 years old…and after that continuously 5 years i did masturbate and during that period i m suffering from nightfall and smultaneously with day fall….currently i m also sufering from fatty liver problem and pain in right ribs and left ribs…i had watched dirty movies and  pics in full night times…so i also lost sensation and size of i feel very bad and i had stopped to mingle with others and also my heap is like half filled ballon..plz sir give me some solution……

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Liver  has big role in digestion, absorption and excretion of harmful end products or toxins from body. Fatty liver is due to diseases associated with the fat metabolism, alcohol intake, in obese persons and hepatitis patients in which fat get deposited in liver.Reduce carbohydrates and fat in the diet. Eat low calorie diet and also avoid spices and fried food.

Take Liv up capsules It helps in clearing deposits and toxins from liver and whole body. It helps in the treatment of deadly liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice and fatty liver. It rejuvenates the liver and helps in improvement of liver functions. The secretions from liver cells increases better absorption, excretion. Take one capsule twice a day after meal. Diet is most important aspect in treatment of fatty liver. Start eating lots of fresh tomatoes,salads,cucumber,carrots and sprinkle natural lemon juice on salads.


Firstly you should strictly avoid over masturbation during course of medicines and after completing it too. We will recommend to use Kohinoor Gold capsules along with Asparagus capsules This combination will help in strengthening urogenital system .These are powerful herbal products that help in sustaining the sperm,avoid night fall and  help to recover from side effects of masturbation. To avoid masturbation start diverting yourself whenever you feel urge to masturbate. You can engage yourself to some work or can thing anything that you like or try to be in group of friend or family. Also you can start with light exercise daily or meditation as this will help in providing to strong will power. Take one capsule each two times a day after meals. Drink 4-5 lit water per day.


Use products regularly for minimum period of three months for desired results.


Ayurvedic Support

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Answer #2

sir,thankuuuuu very much,, but what about the pains in ribs in right and left both side..and sometime it happens in waist side …i am now taking the amlycure d.s capsule and cystone tablet,,,,can i continue the tablets suggested by you with these tablets…..,,one more thing sir,,,can this fatty liver problem leads to liver cancer?

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Answer #3

Hello and greetings from

Pain in your ribs is anteriorly originated OR posteriorly you are adviced to see physician he would do some  physical examinations and would like to run some investigations.

You are already taking Cystone tablet that is for natural Kidney Stone Prevention and to treat UTIs. Firstly complete your course with these medicines after that start with our Herbal Suppliments.

Up to 10% of cirrhotic alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease patients will develop hepatocellular Carcinoma. The overall incidence of liver cancer in nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease has not yet been quantified, but the association is well established.

Avoid over masturbation as already you are facing its bad effects. Drink 5-6 lit.water per day.



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Answer #4

thankuuuuuuuuuuu again sir,,,,,,,,,,,,means i should start kohinoor gold and swetha moosli after completing course of cystone tablet and amlycure tablet…..and one more thing sir,,,doctor told me may be reason of gas u r suffering from pain in left ribs and right ribs……..and the part of stomach where fat stored..that part is fully empty and day by day that part is going inside and no fat is shown on that part…….anyways i will take that capsules,,,thanku very much sir

Answers Answered By: gillori Level Rating2 points

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