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Nomal function of penis

Why do i use to experience penis weakness and water sperm

In: Penis Health, Posted 7 years ago

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2 Answers

Answer #1

I think the man has enough power and does not egaculate quick a

Answers Answered By: Justice Level Rating2 points
Answer #2

Hello and Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

There are lot of factors that contribute in the Premature ejaculation or quick ejaculation and Watery sperm. First and foremost is over masturbation/over ejaculation and Nutritional deficiency.
We recommend to start with Kohinoor Gold and Kapikacchu capsules Take one capsule twice aday after meal with milk preferably.
Apply on the penis Orgy penis massage oil twice for long and strong erection. The above combination will give you strength and nutritional support for maintaining the sperm consistency and quantity.
During the course of the products we recommend to not to do intercourse atleast for 1st 15-25 days then also you can only have intercourse at interval of atleast 2-3 days. Eat red meat, chicken soup, diet rich in zinc. Meat items can be consumed once a weak.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Anrick Level Rating422 points

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