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Ok, this is for Mrs. Alice who have been kindly answering my questions, I have something to say.

Mrs. Alice, you say my problem is over-masturbating, but how is that when I have masturbated only twice in the past 1-2 months? Yes, at first I have been over-doing it, but if my muscles are weakening because of that, then shouldn’t they heal up if I stop completely? Or is it that once they’re damaged they can’t be healed over time, only with treatment? This is what I wonder about, if I can fix this myself. Being only 14 and someone who is shy about this sorta thing with my Mom, I can’t buy an order “pills” or ask her for help. Please let me know what I can do and the answers to what I wonder about. Thanks and this is mainly for Mrs, Alice and anyone else who works with her. Thank you

In: Sexual Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure
You are quiet immature to understand your problem in my recent answer if you had read them carefully we had first asked to get the discharging fluid while urinating get tested clinically. This was to check whether it is semen or not and start with pills and if you are not comfortable with pills then just follow low protein diet, fresh fruits and vegetable and fresh fruits to nourish your body.
Also you said you were masturbation a lot from past many years then how can the problem be just reversed in a month that too with ongoing slight masturbation. Every body is different so body recovers differently with different time span. To make it simple over masturbation for long time lead to continuous sperm loss and so is the muscles of body causing lethargy.
To recover one has to completely stop masturbation and follow good diet plan along with pills if possible.
Further queries are always welcome.

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