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over masturbation

Herein below a copy of health complaint I sent to one of the Chinese medicine website. I appreciate if you could read the whole complaint before responding to me. Many therapist and doctors tried to help me over twenty-four years, but in vain. This e-mail shows all the symptoms I have had in details in the hope to lead you for the appropriate remedy.
I am now forty-four and my ailment is very old as it dates back to 1987. My chronic pains have been due to excessive masturbation. Hereinbelow the list of symptoms I have had since 1987:
1- Pain in the right inguinal (groin) area. I have felt a muscular spasm. In 1993, and while undergoing varicoceles in the right testes, the doctor found out that I had inguinal hernia, and he repaired it.
2- In 1995, and by chance, I found out that my left kidney was too enlarged, and the doctors decided to undergo left nephrectomy. Now I live only with one kidney, and it is a little bit larger than it should be.
3- Pain in the lower back, just at the back of the right kidney.
4- The right side of the testis has been dark.
5- I have felt that the right thigh is congested with fluid, probably blood, and has faced resistance to move upward. The stiffest part of the hip is in the left side. It is like a solid line that ends in corner of the right testes.
6- Sometimes, I used to feel spasm in the back side of the knee, especially when I want to kneel.
7- I have heard a sound of frictions in the all my body joints especially the knees, left elbow left armpit joint, and the joint that joins the right foot with the right leg.
8- My right foot is obviously tight, and I feel as if I have a narrow shoe. The tightness is mostly felt in joint that join the right foot with the leg. But the skin looks normal
9- I have felt a pain in the big toe of the right foot. Besides, it has been apart from the rest of the other toes . You can clearly notice a gap between the big toe and the neighboring toe. I guess that is due to tense tendon. The pain is located on both sides of the big toe, but it is more tangible in the right side.
10- I feel cold in the limbs even in summer time, especially the big toe of my right foot
11- I have felt blood flow resistance that hits the right chest.
12- I have had hemorrhoid.
13- I have had a pain in the right eye and the right anterior head. The pain increase when I have no enough sleep. Upon prostration, I feel fluid getting accumulated in the right anterior side of my head.
14- I have noticed that the pupil of the right eye bigger than that of the left only when the light is dim.
15- I have had noticeable hair loss. At the beginning, I thought that phenomenon has nothing to do with the ailment, but I have noticed that my hair grow back upon feeling better.
16- Since I was a child, my nose used to sweat specially upon eating, but this phenomenon has disappeared after having this ailment. On the contrary, I have felt nostrils dryness, and I have to oil my nostrils with olive oil to get soothing feeling.
17- I have noticed that my right face skin has been stuck to the skull, and does not allow any fluid to run through the canals that lead to the brain area. When I blow my nose hard, I notice the congested fluid, probably blood, in the right thigh starts to get freed up and move upward. But it stops moving upward as soon as I stop blowing my nose hard.
18- An MRI and CT scan showed trophy in the right side of the brain along with multiple tiny old infarctions.
19- I did wet cupping (bloodletting) few times, and the cupper noticed that the blood coming out of the right side is much more than that of the left side. The blood coming out from the sacrum is too much in comparison with other people. Bloodletting gave me temporary relief.
20- Constipation.
21- Insomnia.
22- Weak muscles.
23- Sometimes I feel resistance in the rim of the right ear.
24- All the doctors who checked my pulse noticed that the right side pulse is much weaker than the left side.
25- An X-ray showed cervical loss of lordosis.
26- When I feel better blood circulation, I notice vein protrusion in the left side of the right leg. Sometimes the vein protrusion exceeds the knee up to the end of the hip. The vein protrusion is about two-finger width far from the frontal leg bone.
Now I am going to list the factors that escalate the pains along with the symptoms mentioned above:
1- Any attempt to open the meridians using different Eastern healing methods increases the pain. For example, I went to China for that purpose, and used acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. Upon having acupuncture and massage, I felt that the fluids in my body running heavily like the glue with some resistance that increased the pain. Also, I tried Reiki, where the healer acts as a channel to channel the energy to my body through his hand. Again, the energy flow coming from the healer hand made me feel worse.
2- I cannot sleep on my right side, as I feel the congested fluid pressure (probably blood) the thing that increases my pains. Even sleeping on the left side might cause pain, but it takes longer time to feel. Pain resulting from sleeping on the right side is immediate.
3- Leaning on the right leg or standing on the right leg alone is painful. Also, leaning on my right heel gives the same symptoms.
4- Setting too long time causes pain in the entire right side of my body, from the right big toe up to the right side of the head, and I feel the top of my head cold even in the hot weather.
5- Standing still escalates the pains.
6- Eating high- calorie food and drinks especially milk, having hot food or drinks and spicy food escalate the pains.

7- Abstaining totally from sugar increases the pain. I should have reasonable amount of sugar to decrease pain. The best sugar source that helped me a lot is sweet potato.
8- Any physical stress increases the pain.
9- Cold. Even before this ailment, my fingers get swollen in cold weather since I was a child.
10- Ejaculation increases the pains mentioned above especially in the groin area. At the same time, I feel blood flow resistance in the left and right sides of the head.
11- Setting on a hard surface.
12- When I set with my knees bent.
Now I am going to list the factors that decrease pains:
1- Having low- calorie food, and drinking much water.
2- Having enough sleep.
3- Reasonable bodily activity.
4- Warm weather.
5- Having food with much fluid.
6- Having senna . Senna tea is very good to get rid of constipation and relax the muscular spasm.
7- The fastest way to reduce unbearable pain is to lie down in prone or supine position, but I feel more comfortable with prone position.
8- Having warm shower.

Now I am to provide you with the doctors’ opinions:
When it comes to the Western medicine, doctors could not find anything wrong with me in spite of the many analysis and images that I had. Even when it comes to the multiple old tiny infarctions in the frontal right side of the brain, doctors found it irrelevant to my symptoms. Two doctors went too far by saying that all the pains I have had were the creation of the creation of my imagination, and did not really exist.
As for Eastern medicine, it is obvious that I have energy (Chi) imbalance, or meridians blockages. Yet, there is a disagreement about the blocked meridian. The first healer I met stated that I have block in the liver meridian. Another one referred to the kidney & spleen meridian. A Korean Suki practitioner was pretty sure that I have had the block in the spleen meridian. Also, he referred to the exact point of the blocked nerve (meridian). He pointed to the left side of my right thigh, just below the right groin. He explained that the spleen meridian interfered with other meridians. If it is open, the rest meridians will open too. The last practitioner I met was in 2006. He used acupressure art. When applying his hand on the bottom of the left side of my right leg, he felt a severe block in the testes nerve. He also noticed that the nerve extending from the right anterior side of the head (just above the right eye) and running in a diagonal line ending in posterior left side of the neck is blocked. Actually, two practitioners confirmed the blockage of the head nerve mentioned above.
A Reiki master stated that I have had a problem with the blood circulation.
Now, I am going to list the medications that I had and their effect on me.
Western medicine doctors used to prescribe to me anti-depressant namely Saroten 75 mg (Amitriptyline). It did not have any effect on my pains. It just helped me to get rid of my insomnia. I took it for two years, and got rid of it with difficulty. Also, western doctors prescribed to me Diclofenac Sodium. This medicine is palliative and does not treat symptoms.
When it comes to Eastern medicine, I ordered from many medications related to the spleen, kidney and liver, but unfortunately I did not feel any improvement even though I took them for a long period. I except from that Ginkgo Biloba wich I am going to comment on later on. Hereinbelow a list of the Chinese medicine I ordered from
AH114WTong Bian Wan, 200 pills
Fu Zi Li Zhong Pian 400 mg 100 Tablets 6 $7.99 $47.94
AH139H Da Bu Gan Pian, Free w/
AH021 Fu Zi Li Zhong Pian 400 mg 100 Tablets 7 $7.99 $55.93
AH079 Shen Ling Bai Zhu Pian 200 mg 200 Tablets 7 $7.99 $55.93
AH001x6 Ginkgo Biloba Standardized Extract 60 mg 60ct x 6 bottles 1 $32.98 $32.98
AH139H Da Bu Gan Pian,
Also I took NITRIX for three months. I used to have 9 tablets a day. My intention was to support the spleen meridian as NITRIX helps blood flow to muscles tissue. But I did not see any change on my muscles. My muscles are still weak.
During this long trip of chronic pains, I came across medications that really worked for short period (about one week) then stopped working.
The first medication that worked with me was Vitamin B complex about 15 years ago. The pain in my right groin area disappeared and started to notice that my hair started to grow back. After a while the Vitamin B complex stopped working and the pain in the groin area came back.
The second treatment that worked with me for a short period was Water about ten years ago. I started to have about three liters of water a day. I noticed that the fluid within my body (probably blood) running freely without impedance. When I realized this fact, I redoubled the quantity of water but unfortunately I started to feel the fluids congested in my thighs. I reduced the quantity of water to drink, but in vain.
The third treatment that worked with me for a short period was Ginkgo Biloba about six years ago. At that time, I enjoyed the flow fluids flow in my head and my limbs for about four days only and stopped working.
The last medication that I used was about one and half months ago. I bought from BJ’S a joint lubricant called Double Strength GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN. The freak about this medicine is that the redness of my hands disappeared and my hands look normal so far even though it stopped functioning, and could not feel the fluid circulation in my body anymore. I asked a doctor if the GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN has something to do with blood circulation, but the doctor negated any relation of GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN with blood circulation, the thing that made me unable to explain why the redness of my hands disappeared while having the medicine mentioned above.
In a training course on a bone density machine, the trainer scanned my backbone and femurs. The image showed osteopenia in the backbone and osteoporosis in the femurs. I assume that is due to my abstinence from dairy products for many years as I explained to you before that high-calorie food increases my pains especially milk. Any way I take Calcium with vitamin D for that purpose.
Hereinbelowthe medication that I currently take:
1- Ginkgo Biloba 500 mg. 1 capsule a day.
2- Ultra B-100 Complex. 1 tablet aday.
3- Move Free Advanced plus 1500 mg MSM.
4- Oscal 500 mg calcium & 600 IU Vitamin D3. 4 caplets a day
5- Multi Vitamin. 1 tablet a day.
6- Senna tea. 1 teaspoon senna herb boiled with about 250 ml of water.
Since I have been living with this ailment for twenty-four years, I could adopt my own diagnosis from two perspectives:
First, I can compare my case to TRAFFIC JAM. The blood flow is accumulated in the right side of my body. Any attempt to push it forward escalates the jam and increases the pain accordingly. I can compare it to huge number of peoples who want to get out of a door one time. I guess because of that reason I feel too much pain and my case gets worse upon any attempt to open the meridians as I mentioned before.
Secondly, energy (Chi) needs a fluid medium to run through. It seems that I lost abundance of fluid because of excessive masturbation. So that the energy is stagnant, and since that time I have started to hear frictions in all my body joints because of the lack of the lubricating fluids. Besides, I think that the trophy and the old tiny multi infarction in the right brain side impede the blood flow to the left side of my body.
Again this is my own assumption, and I could be wrong.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

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Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

First of all start thinking positively about your health.
your basic concern at this point of time is general body pains and joint pains. Followed by some general symptoms as per your MRI/CT. Actually what i feel is some of the symptoms as explained by you like pain in the right eye and the right anterior head and the pupil of the right eye bigger than that of the left only when the light is dim can be psychological.
healthy living can only start when you will start g=feeling healthy about you and may be some of your symptoms might disappear.

We strongly recommend you meditation and yoga under the guidance of professionals for healthy body. Alo0ng with you can start with kohinoor Gold and Gugglu capsules

Also avoid masturbating as this kind of over ejaculation can result in more weakness and loss of strength.

Also take fluid in normal form not in excess. Follow the steps that do not aggravate pain in the body.

Blood letting is good technique but should be done by professionals for better results.
Avoid stress and try to be calm.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Anrick Level Rating422 points

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