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Over masturbation

Good day doctor, am a 28 yr old male n i hav bin masturbating since i was 19yrs old. Now am experiencing some disturbing symptoms such extreme fatigue, joints and muscle pains, fuzzy vision, and lack of erections, infact my penis has reduced in size. Has my constant masturbation everyday don this to me?, i recently ordered a herbal supplement LOVELONGER III for sexual rejuvenation?, can this product cure my symptoms??, i hav stopped masturbating since i found out i have dis symptoms. Please i need ur help urgently, my whole body hurts me and i cant seem to do much anymore. Thank you

In: Sexual Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

Pain in joints in late 20s is a sign of internal weakness due to over ejaculation of sperm. We recommend the combination of the kohinoor gold and Shilajit capsules. This combination will help in regaining the sexual energy and preventing the unusual pains in the body.

Take one capsule each two times a day after meal with Milk. this combination will help to rejuvenate the body. This will help in restoring the male power and stamina.

Stop masturbation during the course of the products. Use above combination for period of three months to get desired results.

Thank you Support

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