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Over masturbation in semi erect state-Impotence caused by over masturbation

Myself is Anurag. I am 32 now. I have been masturbating since last 17 years once a day. Now, I suffer very brief and weak erections sometimes for even less than a minute for last 5 years. I came to notice this soon after my marriage when within first 3 months I had erection problems and sometimes I was able to get erections and sometimes not, almost 50% in all my sexual encounters but soon I recovered a lot but still not completely but still one serious problem persists that during intercourse I lose my erection even within the vagina after just 10-15 strokes, many times even without ejaculation and not able to continue further sexual intercourse to satisfy either my sexual urge or even my wife\’s. There is some big problem for sure. Is it due to sexual exhaustion caused by over-masturbation because during masturbation also, sometimes I used to do it forcefully and mostly during masturbation, I was habitual of ejaculating mostly in semi erect state or sometimes even in flaccid mode. Also, When I masturbate I start off with a hard erection like normal but about a minute before I orgasm it goes soft (well mostly semi so half way in between). I was thinking that maybe I have trained my penis to orgasm when I was semi erect when masturbating which is causing most of my problems. Is this what is happening or is it something else.I also feel that my penis has lost sensitivity because I don’t feel morning erections normally but as soon as I start touching my penis with hands, only then it shows erection, but not oterwise automatically without touching my penis and after touching I can prolong my erections to 20 minutes by continuously touching my penis very softly with my hands and erections are generally as hard as they were in my early days but as soon as I start jerking it a little faster to masturbate, erection gradually finishes even in 7 or 8 hand strokes and my penis goes soft and limp. Something similar happens during intercourse also, when my erect penis goes soft even after 8 to 10 strokes in vagina and even without ejaculation. Now a days, when I have reduced my masturbation frequency to once a week, I suddenly have noticed that my penis feels to be a little heavier than normal while urinating. Is it a recovery sign ? Sometimes, I also suffer severe pain in my testes after I had sexual intercourse or if I don’t do any sexual activity for Two weeks. I have not been to see a doctor and I am not on any medications. I had not noticed any major swelling.
Is all this problem the result of over masturbation or wrong way of masturbating even in semi erect or flaccid state forcefully or is it because of this habit in excess or some other problem ? Due to all this, I am not able to concentrate in my work. Please, suggest some permanently effective and harmless treatment to finish this problem from root for ever. It would be really good if you could help me in this regard. I don’t know how to get rid of this. Please help me.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

You can take kohinoor gold cap. and macuna capsules take one capsule each two times a day after meal. This combination of the drugs will give you overall strength and stamina.
For local application use Butea superb gel . Apply on the shaft of penis in the form of massage Massage until whole of the gel is absorbed.

Use the above combination for period of three months atleast for satisfactory results.Take healthy diet. It ca also cause premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Libido, Loss of the memory, hair loss and in some severe case impotency i.e inability to reproduce.

Thank you Support

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