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over masturbation problems

sir/maam,i am suffering problems of back pain, urine leakage,nightfalls,and my penis size has become small and my testicles are loose,feels lay..concentration power has decereased..and i m only 18 yrs old ….i saw all ur answers ,,so tell m that dabur shilajit gold is same as shilajit gold…or which 1 should i buy…

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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3 Answers

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

Actually over ejaculation of sperm can be the cause of physical and sexual weakness. Also this weakens our reproductive organs and causes sperm leakage or nightfall.

As you are just 18 yrs of age you must concentrate to preserve sprem and avoid over ejaculation as in future this will effect your erection power and quality of the sperm.

Take Shilajit and Kohinoor Gold Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. Eat healthy balanced diet.

Dabur Shilajit gold contains shilajit and other ingredients but our Shilajit capsules contains only shilajit as the main ingredient without adulterating with other herbs.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Anrick Level Rating422 points
Answer #2

but can you tell that this shiajit is available in india …in any medical cemtre…and i also wanted to knw that should i take dabur shilajit anti ageing capsules…are they safe..

Answers Answered By: zzz Level Rating4 points
Answer #3

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We don`t have any exclusive outlet in your city.

We have special offers and packs available for Indian customers

Please see products, their price and packs at

You can only buy as per the packs mentioned in the website.

You may pay by check or draft.

To know more details on payment options write us at [email protected]

We have seen results with the combination of Kohinoor and Our Shilajit capsules. Further choice is yours.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Anrick Level Rating422 points

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