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Over masturbation side effects I am 18 is this normal?

Q: I have been watching porn since I was 16 I am 18 now and I do believe I am some symptoms. I had never masturbated until I was 16 and quickly became obsessed with porn. It was an everyday thing for awhile then I read the over production of sex hormone warnings about how it can hurt memory and cause fatigue, after awhile I wrote it off as untrue. For awhile I would go through phases over everyday masturbation and going 3 or 4 days in between sometimes 5. When I wouldn’t do it those days I would have a wet dream each one of those nights. I can’t not stop having sex dreams. I have a very high sex drive and am super fit I don’t know if that increase my sex drive I workout 3 hours everyday I am 6 percent body fat 150 lbs and 5.9 with 29 inch waist would this extreme fitness cause sex drive increase. I have also been having weird sex dreams that I am not aroused by during the day. I seriously ejaculate everyday and can’t stop my body has to if I don’t masturbate I get a wet dream. Will these side effects reverse somehow and do they really damage memory because I’ve always had a good memory.

In: Sexual Health, Posted 6 years ago

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