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Overactive Bladder with h/o of nocturnal enuresis in childhood!!I guess its more due to Excessive stimulation of Autonomic system

Hi I am a denitist,M a firm believer In ayurveda…I am 23 yrs old!!I had history of nocturnal enuresis during my childhood days!!Since 5 yrs from now I m suffering from overactiv bladdder,,I hav to frequently get up at night to micturinate!!The volume is very less but sensations are quite powerful.during day time too frequency is more!!I hav checked ma sugar levels and dey r normal…One Ayurvedic practitioner advised me to go for ChandraPrabha Vati!!But It didnt work out for me!!no burning sensation too!!Kindly suggest me some medicine

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Nocturnal enuresis is commonly called involuntary urination. first of we have to know the exact cause of the problem. As the main causes involve Stress, genetics, hormonal problem that involves less production of Antidiuretic Hormone, medical conditions like diabetes and UTI but these are ruled out by you.

First of all get the exact cause and then you can manage it by adopting certain habits like drinking less water or other fluids that cause urination in the evening. Empty bladder just before going to bed. Doctors also use ADH supplements to fulfill ADH levels and thus preventing it.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you SupportĀ 

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Answer #2

thanks a lot,
but I hav normal ADH levels,normal blood sugar,no UTI also!!I do hav Stress!!I have been advised to take many different medications which are as follows!!kindly guide me
2.Chanderprabha vati
3.Gokshuradi Guggul,

Answers Answered By: DrMalav Level Rating3 points

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