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Pain in love handles, in stomach, drowsiness, twitching in the whole body due to masturbation

Dear sir, I am 22 years right now. I have been constantly masturbating since the last ten years.  It all started when I went to hostel in 7th standard.that is when I was 12 years old.  When I started masturbating for the first few years I dint have any problems even though I was doing it almost everyday. Then once I was in tenth I started getting a pain in my love handles and still it was quite manageable till I was 20 years old. But yes I still always had the pain in my love handles and I gained a lot of weight. Around 20 kgs.  i was masturbating almost daily, and sometimes two times a day also. Then recently last December I was Ill and could not eat much. I was on liquid for a few days! And I masturbated during that period. As soon I did , I felt a shiver run down my whole body. For the next few days I did not masturbate as I was scared about what would happen. But still due to my habits I could not stop it completely. Then I fainted in the exam hall several times as I would feel very cold due to the ac.  I consulted my homeopathic doctor.  He gave me medicines which stopped the shivering for a while. I controlled for 64 days without masturbating. But then it again started. I just cannot control my desire to masturbate.  then for a while I would masturbate in a week oR two. But then again the habit started, and in around march this year, I started a constant  feeling stomach pain and now I feel very drowsy and my head is very heavey after I masturbate. My question to u is that is there a permanent solution to this problem , both to stop masturbating and also recover from my weakness and disorders  ? Is there a way in which I can recover quickly, like in a week or 15 days! Please let me know ASAP as my condition is just getting from bad to worse each day. Thank u!

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Avoid masturbation to avoid further loss of energy and power.Over masturbation for long time can be disastrous in some cases.Long time over masturbation can result in lethargic and weak body, weak penis, dull sex life. Over masturbation habit can affect the mental, physical and emotional health of an individual. An individual with over masturbation habit develops physical and sexual weakness and sometime the condition deteriorates up to extent of impotency.

You are suffering from weakness and problems just due to continuous over masturbation with high frequency and for long time.  At age of 12 years you started masturbation at that period of life  the reproductive organs are at their developmental stage and unnatural sexual habits can cause weakness easily.  

We will recommend you to start with Shilajit capsules along with Kohinoor Gold capsules one each capsule twice a day after meal with Milk. Use this combination for atleast 3 months to get desired results.

Thank you Support

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