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I have PCOS and would like to know whether ovarian drilling is recommended and if anyone has been successful in ovulating? I have not had a period for 12 years and fed up with UK doctors and consultants as they simply don’t do anything!

I was referred to an Endocrinologist and prescribed medroxyprogesterone to induce bleeding as i need to bleed at least 4 times a year or at risk of developing ovarian cancer! However this did not work and they have done nothing else.

I had a scan a few years ago and it showed i had a fibroid-benign tumour.

I was also prescribed Metformin 850mg x3 per day, however i have never taken this as i know what some of these medicines can do and side affects at a later stage.

I desperately want to be a mum and have my own baby however given up all hope now.

I gained an excessive amount of weight in the last 12 years and now weigh 128kg!!!!

I have all the usual symptoms, excessive facial hair, hairloss, patches and severe depression and anxiety.

It is easy for everyone to say lose weight and stop sugar and go on a diet.

I feel suicidal most of the time and really have given up all hope and would like to hear from you if you have tried ovarian drilling or any other treatment ie ayurveda, liposuction,weight loss meds anything?

I dont want to develop diabetes as i know i eventually will as i do have a lot of sugar in my tea and coffee.

I also have vitamin d deficiency mainly because i cover myself up and do not get any sun in my body which causes me to always have joint pains and cramps.

I also have swelling in my ankles and possible arthritis in my hands and legs.

I am planning a trip to kerala and would be so grateful if anyone would recommend any treatment or options available to me.

Thank you

In: Women's Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

PCOS is characterized by imbalance of hormones causing cessation of menses, Facial hair growth and obesity. One must get the treatment as early as possible so as to avoid the risk of diabetes or heart disease.
We recommend o take regunova capsules that is purely natural and does not contain any hormone but helps in balancing the same. You can also try yoga and If you are visiting kerala you can visit various panchkarma centers out there that can help in PCOS naturally.
Surgery is always done when no medical therapy is successful, but remember there are always chances of the ovarian damage. You must consult twice before going for surgery.
Also try to maintain the weight by weight loss remedies. you can try Morslim Z for reducing weight. Eat balanced low calorie diet. Avoid stress as far as possible as it will only worsen the condition.

Still surgery should be the last option when every medical treatment fails and by the expert hands who has the lots of experiences with Ovarian drilling.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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