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penis erection life time

my penis erects well but not long lasting wken i am with my girl erects for long time when am alone at night but not when am with my girl friend. i musterbate 1 to 2 times per,what couses this problem pls advise me.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

If you are sexually active and also you masturbates this means you are over ejaculating sperm. Also this over ejaculation has effected your penile nerves and vessels that help in erection. Actually at the time of sexual arousal our blood is rushed into the veins of the penis causing the erection.
We recommend to quit masturbation and hence it will limit your frequency of sperm emission. Also masturbation effects sexual desire of person with opposite sex. As person becomes addict to this habit of easily releasing the sperms.
We recommend to have course of our safe herbal products that help in increasing sexual stamina and erection power. Take Kohinoor Gold and orgy penis massage oil for local application on shaft of penis externally. Massage gently twice a day. Herbs used in this oil easily penetrate deep in the penis and thus providing the strength for strong and long erection. Kohinoor gold helps to enhance the effects of the oil by providing all the vital nutrients to the body.

Regular course of three months will help in getting desired results.

Thank you Support

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